Introduce Wavebox to your Team using Templates.

With the launch of Templates earlier this month and the successful integration of Stripe consolidated billing, it's now even easier to invite co-workers to Wavebox.

You can create a template from any group/s or profile in just a couple of clicks (see the screen recording below), then share it with your team. When your co-workers install Wavebox they will have the template already set up for them!

With Wavebox on your team, everyone can...

  • Replace tab chaos with organized workflows
  • Stay signed in to multiple accounts like Gmail and WhatsApp
  • Keep up-to-date with notifications and unread badges
  • Work quickly across groups, apps, and tabs
  • Bring cloud resources together in private/shared workspaces
  • Chat, call, and screen share straight from the browser
  • Work in apps side-by-side, and search across everything
  • Enjoy a faster computer and more efficient performance.

Read on the learn how to create a template, share it with co-workers, and purchase team seats at our special discounted rate.

1. Create a Group or Profile Template.

Templates help new users get started with Wavebox more quickly. You can create a template from any group/s or profile and share it with co-workers using a unique code. Just right-click on any group icon and select 'Share this Group' to kick off the Template Wizard (shown in the recording above). Or, click on the profile icon top-right followed by the share icon.

🤖 Test your template!
Paste any template share code into your Wavebox - this will launch the Template Installer so you can check what's included in your template - you don't need to install it; just click on 'Cancel.'  Or, create a new Profile to use as a sandbox for your templates: User Icon (top-right) > Add > New Setup.

🏰 Try a ready-made template!
Here's some we prepared earlier!  Visit our new Templates page to try out some ready-made Profile & Group templates.

2. Add the Template & Send Invites.

Go to 'Settings > Teams' and select an existing Team or create a new one. Then paste the share code under the 'Invitations' tab.  Next, enter your co-worker's email addresses and click on 'Invite' to send an email. They will automatically have the template added during installation. More on this.

(👍 Tip: Of course, sharing a template is optional, you can just send your invites and share a code later. The code can be pasted into any Wavebox window to start the import).

3. Purchase Pro Seats for your Team.

You can activate Consolidated Billing from any account. Go to 'Settings > My Wavebox' and click on the green 'Stripe Billing Portal' button. If your account is in trial mode, click on the green 'Buy Now' button and follow the steps: 'Update Plan > Update Quantity (seats) > Confirm.' Consolidated billing supports Stripe payments, either monthly or annually.  Finally, go to 'Settings > My Wavebox > Manage Users' to allocate seats to those you invited. More on this.

Next Steps.

Check out our articles in the Knowledge Base for more detailed instructions on how to set up your team with Wavebox. If you have questions or need help, send a quick email to support, and we'll help you along!

🚀 Try a Ready Made Template

Here's some we prepared earlier!  Visit our new Templates page to try out some ready-made Profile & Group templates.

⭐ Request your team discount code!

Send a quick email to to get a team discount code to use at checkout.  This will be an ongoing discount for your team, so grab it while you can!

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